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Who is Mark Membrino

He was born the 26/ 05/ 1964 and raised in Pescara,   Abruzzo  where he currently resides.
After have achieved the scientific maturity he's begun to devote itself to the disabled boys working in a center of rehabilitation like educator. photo
The demand of job together to the his innate propensity has carried it to deal with of free expressive activity, crossing a main point formative run in the varied years.
The clay has been the his first artistic experience, realizing different jobs at cooked earth; he's past then to the ceramics, mosaic, and finally painting.
Big passionate of photo, graphics and images; he love to play with the colors and geometries.

" I Love always seek the correct harmony with the image graphics, through the explosion of the colors and the waltz of the geometric shapes.

"The life is an image in black and white, stays to us will fill her of colors.      
Marco Membrino

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His productions

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